In Praise of Norm Davis

In September 2019, I said goodbye to one of my oldest and dearest friends. He was among the first people I met at Writers & Books (W&B) when I was a young man in my twenties. We became hard and fast friends. I served as fiction editor for Norm’s magazine, HazMat Review, for its entire run, 1996 to 2010, which brought us closer together over the years.

Some people live extraordinary lives and make a difference in the world in all the small ways that matter. Norm was one of those individuals. I admired his passion for literature and commitment to helping people from all walks of life find their calling and pursue their dreams.

W&B asked me to write an In Memoriam in his honor. I dedicate my September blog to this very special person who touched so many lives, including my own, in such positive and inspiring ways.

Read Norm’s official obituary here.

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