Goodbye, Mr. Mike

Mike Resnick, my writing mentor and dear friend of 30 years, died on January 9, 2020, at age 77, from complications of lymphoma. His daughter Laura posted the details on his Facebook page.

Mike was a giant in the field of science fiction and fantasy. He was loved, honored, and respected by all those who knew him. He left behind many friends, family, and adoring fans. The above photo was taken when we first met in 1992 at MagiCon in Orlando (I think), although it might be from ConFrancisco in ’93.

In addition to the stacks of brilliant novels and short stories he wrote, many of them award-winners, Mike will be remembered as a generous and supportive editor who launched the careers of dozens of young authors, myself included.

The following snapshot (which I adore) is more recent, captures his signature sideburns and wry smile, and reflects the twinkle in his eyes for which he was so well known. I will miss him more than I can say.

Mike’s biblio
Mike’s Wikipedia page
Obit on
Magic Feathers, our collected stories

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