New Italian Folktale in F&SF

Many thanks to Sheree Renée Thomas, editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and her entire team, for bringing my newest short story to their readers. I’m thrilled and honored that “Animale dei Morti” earned the cover and landed a retro-fun, pulp-fictiony piece of art by Kent Bash.

This is the 73rd year of F&SF. It takes an incredible amount of love, dedication, and talent to keep a magazine running that long. I encourage readers to check out the magazine’s history on Wikipedia. It’s a fascinating read and a literal Who’s Who of the genre.

Here are the relevant links for those who are interested:


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Single Editions

Good Reads

On your left, the Jan/Feb 2022 issue. On your right, September 1991, my first story to appear in F&SF. If you had told me back then I’d one day get the cover, I never would have believed it. : )

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