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I was born to Nicholas and Josephine DiChario at St. Mary’s Hospital in the city of Rochester, New York. I spent my childhood growing up in Charlotte, a quiet neighborhood along the shores of Lake Ontario and the Genesee River.

I began working at age 14 as a paperboy for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and held summer jobs throughout my high school and undergraduate college years, working for my father and uncle in the family’s construction business.

I graduated from Aquinas Institute High School and St. John Fisher College (both located in Rochester) and received my master’s degree in Liberal Studies from State University of New York (SUNY) Empire State College.

My love of storytelling found an outlet when I first attended the SUNY Brockport Summer Writers Forum in 1982. There I met Brockport author Nancy Kress, who served as faculty lead for the science fiction and fantasy program, and we became lifelong friends. I returned to the Summer Forum as a student for several years after that, studying with some of my favorite authors, including Gene Wolf, Karen Joy Fowler, James Patrick Kelly, and John Kessel.

The 80s brought various jobs and some twists and turns in my life until I joined Rochester’s non-profit literary center Writers & Books as a creative writing instructor in the 90s, where I eventually became the organization’s director of education and programming.

After leaving Writers & Books, my long-time friend Daniel A. Plumeau (1959-2016) and I owned an independent bookstore for a while, then I joined the writing team at Paychex, Inc., a Fortune 500 payroll and HR management company centered in Rochester.

For a time after that (nearly ten years), I lived in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Florida, working for a subsidiary of Paychex, before returning home to Rochester in 2020. I now work for Paylocity and live among my family and friends again, just a few miles from the hospital in which I was born.

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