Bear, Hunter, Preacher, Crow

I’m happy to announce that my short fable “Bear, Hunter, Preacher, Crow” has been published in the July 2020 issue of Galaxy’s Edge magazine (issue 45). I’m a little behind the curve on posting this one. September (46) is already out, and November (47) is on its way. I think my move up north messed with some of my mail, but July has caught up to me at last. So here it is!

Thanks to Lezli Robyn for buying the story and Shahid Mahmud for publishing it. Galaxy’s Edge is a magazine of visionary science fiction and fantasy that publishes new and reprinted fiction, science columns, and book reviews. Print and Kindle editions are available — and, of course, you can subscribe.

A bit more about fables…

Happy Halloween, folks!

My all-time favorite Halloween film is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, I’ve gotten into heated debates with people who believe this is a Christmas movie. (I know. Seriously?) You can watch it on Disney + if you have access. Here’s the original 1993 trailer…

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